Enzo Ferrari

Love at first sight for the breathtaking panorama

My name is Enzo Ferrari and my job is to be a bricklayer.
I also do it for passion and for 10 years I have been building for myself.
The idea of making a camping in the mountains was born by chance: I found myself in this place to look for rustic to renovate.
I literally fell in love with the landscape, the unspoilt nature halfway and the peace that reigns there.
It is at the entrance to the amazing canyoning trails of the Val Bodengo famous internationally.
I imagined a place of refreshment not for a few but for many, I hoped that they could enjoy more people.
The difficulties I encountered were devastating but I never gave in, I’m stubborn.
I’ve been sleeping here alone since the pandemic and since my cabin has a roof.
In autumn the colors are those of the fire of my fireplace and the chestnuts rain generously and decided.
I hope with time to enrich my camping with other comforts.
Ah…. tranquilli….. mi aiuta mia sorella Marta nella gestione.
In general I don’t like challenges and competitions but I want to win this bet.

Where we are

Before arriving at our campsite, remember to take the permit in the bars of Gordona to get to Donadivo by car.