Activities and sports

Canyoning in Val Bodengo

Val Bodengo offers a series of canyoning routes among the most beautiful in Italy, with its pools of emerald water, jumps, slides and descents up to 15mt.

Thanks to the services of the certified guides and the rental of equipment on site, the routes of the Val Bodengo are passable by experts and not (guide absolutely recommended in this case).

The 3 main routes can be reached by car (permit requirement to be purchased online or at some bars in the village, Gordona-SO) and offer a wonderful experience.



Climbing in Val Bodengo

Starting right from the stream where canyoning is practiced, Val Bodengo offers fantastic slabs for climbing in adherence with difficulty levels from 5b to 6b +.

Along the whole valley other important slabs with various routes, several pulls and difficulty growing up to the 7th.




Montain Bike

Even Montain Bike enthusiasts find different routes and paths to discover the Val Bodengo and the nearby valleys, passing and visiting villages and mountain pastures of a truly particular beauty (Corte Terza, Corte Seconda, Alpe Cermiine, Alpe Cima, arriving in Menarola, Dardano etc.).





Starting from the village of Gordona and climbing from a beautiful mule track, you reach Donadivo, and then choose whether to continue towards Orlo – Cermine .- Alpe Cima or choose Bodengo and the routes that branch off from there.